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HyperMedia HG-1600VE

HyperMedia HG-1600VE
Manufacturer: HyperMedia
Part Number: HG-1600VE
Description: VoIP PRI Gateway - HG-1600VE Series

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VoIP PRI Gateway - HG-1600VE Series
The Hypermedia Systems VoIP PRI Gateway - HG-1600VE scalable series supports up to 72 simultaneous VoIP ports. These VoIP PRI Gateways have the capability to support 2 x E1-PRI, 3 x T1-PRI and Analog (FXO/FXS) interfaces, and provide superior voice technology for connecting PBX systems with the cost-effective IP networks. By integrating the VOIP PRI Gateway? HG-1600VE with existing equipment / networks, businesses (SMB, Call Centers, Large Enterprises) can capitalize on low cost VoIP telephone calls, and Alternative Carriers can reduce the call termination rates and increase net profits. The HG-1600VE Series enables inbound and outbound traffic for VoIP, PSTN, and optional support of GSM and CDMA calls - all in one compact box. Given the systems' flexibility, modularity and scalability, the gateways can be pre configured to meet precise customer requirements. Companies can easily expand the cost-effective systems to meet their evolving telephony needs over time.

Some main features of the VoIP PRI Gateway HG-1600VE are:

From 8 to 72 VoIP ports
E1-PRI, T1-PRI and Analogs interfaces are supported
Up to 2xE1-PRI, or 3xT1 Interfaces
Inbound and Outbound calls
Advanced LCR & Routing Groups
IP address & DDI pattern restrictions
Optional - GSM, CDMA and UMTS calls
High quality of voice
WEB management and control
Redundant power supply - Ready
Fast and easy installation