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Alcatel-Lucent LIGHTRADIO 9771

Alcatel-Lucent LIGHTRADIO 9771
Manufacturer: Alcatel-Lucent
Part Number: LIGHTRADIO 9771
Description: Wireless Cloud Element Radio Network Controller

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Wireless Cloud Element Radio Network Controller
LightRadio 9771 Wireless Cloud Element Radio Network Controller manages and controls radio resources in W-CDMA network. This product represents an innovative approach that offers unmatched flexibility and scalability of features and performance. The product runs up to 120kErl, 16.5Gbps, and 12kcells. The product uses cost-optimized IT platforms through virtualization enabling hardware and software independence. This allows applications to be hosted and shared. Compared to other RNC products, the 9771 WCE RNC creates significant total cost of ownership gains (up to 25% OPEX gains vs traditional RNCs). This product is unlike anything weve seen before. It creates a new era where virtual telecommunication applications have the ability to run on a standard IT systems through cloud computing. The applications can easily be downloaded and installed right on your device, and can be reconfigured based on carriers and network requirements.