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ADC DD1-100003

ADC DD1-100003
Manufacturer: ADC
Part Number: DD1-100003
Description: ADC Terminating Circuit Access Card
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ADC Terminating Circuit Access Card
The DD1-100003 is a DDP-1 terminating circuit access card. This card provides 135 Ohm termination across tip and ring for transmit and receive of both NE and DCS equipment. The access cards are inserted into the DDP-1 chassis only when equipment installation or maintenance activities are required. A variety of cards provide many functions during installation and maintenance activities. Each access card has a lock and release device for secure attachment in the chassis. Some key features and benefits of the DD1-100003 are Access cards are inserted only when equipment installation or maintentance activities are required, Centralized termination, interconnection and access to digital circuits between the 3 1 DCS and network elements, Allows ease of adding or removing future network elements, and Smooth, flexible, and economical migration of service to a 3 1 DCS in an office.