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Ericsson is a Swedish multinational technology company that provides and operates telecommunications networks, television and video systems, and related services. It provides telecommunications and IP networking equipment including mobile broadband, cable TV, IPTV and video systems, and has an extensive services operation. Ericsson has a wide-ranging portfolio of patents for a variety of technologies, and was also the inventor of the Bluetooth short-range wireless technology.

LM Ericsson offers products and services from three main business units. Business Unit Networks (BNET) focuses on networks for mobile and fixed line public telephone networks. Business Unit Global Services (BUGS) provides telecoms-related professional services, including for example taking responsibility for running an operators network and related business support systems. Business Unit Support Solutions focuses on Operations support systems/Business support systems (OSS/BSS), TV and media and Mobile commerce (M-Commerce). In addition, there is a research and development element, and central functions. Operations locally are coordinated through a structure of regions and Market Units, with some Global and Multi-Country Accounts for large customers.